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A Guide To Banging Your First Stripper

A quick question: have you ever wished to have sexual relations with a stripper or exotic dancer?

I’ll confess, I sure have!

I mean, think about it. They have these smoking hot bodies that most men drool over. They’re extremely sexual – meaning they have no issues whatsoever doing ANYTHING you want them to do, and they’ll probably have a fantastic time doing it!

Not to mentioned, they have loads of cash, so they’re probably not going to ask you to pay for a meal out. In fact, most of the strippers are more than happy and more than willing to spend some of their hard-earned case on you!

Now, I had always thought that picking up an exotic dancer at a strip club was near to impossible. The thing is, it turns out that they are much easier to have sex with than the regular, everyday girl.

This video will show you why.


In fact, most guys do not realize this at all! While most regular females, who Julian refers to as “normies”, are different, unique and unpredictable; the majority of strippers have a specific personality type and set pattern of behavior.

For instance:

A stripper is highly competitive making it easier for men to play them against one another; thereby, skyrocketing your potential social value.

Next, strippers spend the majority of their normal days exploring their sensuality and sexuality. This can lead to enormous amounts of pent-up sexual frustration that they are ready to unleash on any guy who knows how to get them.

Also, unlike the “normies”, a stripper does not have any strange hang-ups from a sexual perspective. This means they don’t say no to sex until the third or fourth date, so you can get down to business when you really want it – skip all the dating bull crap!

It is easy to exploit the unique behaviors of an exotic dancer so they will have sex with you. Although, Julian can explain it much better than I do.

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You see, the majority of guys have this illusion that you need to be super-rich for a stripper to go home with you; but, strangely enough, throwing cash at a stripper reduces the chances of her sleeping with you.

The reason behind this is that all the other guys who want to screw her tend to do this! She does not want or need another sugar daddy in her life.

The free video by Julian Foxx will show you how you can give a stripper exactly what she wants, make her go home with you on the same night, and have the mind-blowing sex that will make you divorce your wife without any second thoughts!

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Stripper Shark Review

Stripper Shark Review



PS: Scenario

Strippers have a tendency to be a actual desire for guys. There hot, attractive and love to grind with men, regardless of whether it’s for money or now not.

To some they’re a real trophy you may brag approximately. but earlier than you move in there and get rinsed of all your cash, read up on these suggestions to get the special dancer.

it is not a normal night time out tonight, as opposed to doing all of your normal night time of gaming hot chicks, your out for one of the boys birthdays this night, so it method masses of lager and stupid ingesting video games.

as the night time ticks beyond middle of the night the birthday boy needs a few action so heads to the nearest strip membership for a naked lap dance. There is going his earnings. but while you get in there, you can’t assist but take a look at out all of the strippers!

The undertaking

Hmm… that is a complicated one. girls that are hired because they may be so warm, plus they may be exact at making men trust they prefer you. so you spend increasingly and more but get left with this sense of rejection.

but there needs to be a manner to get her in your mattress with out cash. nicely the good information first; there’s. And the terrible information? It takes quite a few attempt so you higher be on form tonight!

Strippers Shark Review

Strippers are unfamiliar beings; they all have the identical mental skills and percentage the identical existence crises. you can be sure that they:

– Lack self-confidence

– want reassurance on seems and intelligence

– Have risky backgrounds

You need to choose your stripper carefully too. You want to purpose for those who’re slightly classier and have a enterprise style drive to earn cash. instead of a few sleazy type that love the lifestyles of medication and money.

the way to Get It

we could get the basics right first. don’t appearance as if you’re there to drool over girls like all the different guys, alternatively don’t check them out and look like your there to relax and have an awesome time. get dressed to impress too, she isn’t going to be interested in a person who hasn’t positioned effort into the way they’ve dressed.

study from the standard guy; he chats her up with the typical questions and while he thinks he is in reality triumphing her over, she takes him out the back and offers him a dance. do not get dragged into the lap dance state of affairs, however if she does ask, simply civilly reject the offer. instead the way to play it’s miles,

don’t talk to the stripper; talk to the lady.

Ask her questions that do not match into her ‘automatic reaction class’ along with what her lifestyles targets are outdoor of this transient activity, what it looks like to be in love etc. Use simple body language method of going through her while she’s talking from her heart and faraway from her whilst she’s speaking together with her head. keep drilling into her sub-consciously that it is desirable to talk about her out of doors of the job. She’ll forget where she is!

to improve your probabilities even more, select a time to speak to her whilst she is going to be least busy, but the killer flow is to take a woman pal! females love woman enterprise!

try to stick to the brand new ladies too. The amateurs are greater liable to drifting from the job. The more experienced ones could be used to man banter and wont be as smooth to break down. And yes it’ll be easy to comprehend the brand new from the antique.

the main points you want to get throughout on this communication is which you are not just like the average man, you live an exciting life and you are no longer determined. if you show her this, then you definitely are prepared to close the deal.

Escalation Of Strippers

if you have mentally taken her out of her ‘stripper’ function and you are speak me to the actual girl, get the quantity and arrange some thing out of doors of the club. they may be so interested by you simply because you’re distinctive that they’ll give you their wide variety easier!

but remember that she can’t give you her number in sight of her bosses so you need to make it discreet and admire that rule. Write her variety on a chunk of paper with some thing to recollect her by way of (something funny that you discussed in the conversation). do not supply her your wide variety though due to the fact she will be able to in no way call. fact.

Strippers need greater time than the average female;

Make it seem like no big deal, and permit her move and carry on her activity. don’t hold checking her out and winking at her for the rest of the night time, she’s doing a activity and could clearly feel type of embarrassed giving men lap dances in the front of you now!

The Right Date – Stripper Shark Review

Clubbing or bars is out of the query. She works in them for a start. And your night time could be taken up by her announcing hey to all the human beings she recognizes.

strive doing something a chunk extra chilled/amusing. go out for lunch earlier than she is going to work. if you really want to give her something to don’t forget, take her to a topic park! What a day to take into account; plus it offers you 7-eight hours to bond.

She extra than likely has larger goals out of doors of the stripper activity so encourage her to follow those dreams, and continually introduce her as that; now not as a stripper because more than in all likelihood she’s been sat on your associates laps before maintaining It

it’s as much as you whether you want to do that or not. for my part I couldn’t date a girl who gets bare and rides other men every night, even though i have one hundred% notion within the stupidity of guys that they may never get her. In truth the safest location for her to be is on the lap of lame men, due to the fact all of us that hits on her might be ‘bugging’ me up in comparison.

in case you want to this point her, do not go to the club to look her frequently, meet outside of there and treat it as if it have been a ‘dull office activity’ so you don’t make a large scene of her going to paintings.

but even then you definitely must maintain up your squeaky smooth picture. She goes to the membership owned via sleazy guys, and is paid by way of even greater sleazy guys to dance on them. whilst she receives lower back home she receives to peer the man she is pleased with, the guy who lives the life that she needs and has the photograph she desires. And with the job of a stripper, it makes seeing you a lot more gratifying to her.

simply understand that whatever you do, do not communicate about work. talk her pursuits as a substitute because in case you do, she can attach you emotionally to them. And when she thinks of her plans, she can photograph you as part of them.

recommend workouts

enchantment – “What do you need to be when you develop up? And don’t say princess!” This takes her mind out of her process and into something tons deeper.

Rapport – “Wow, you do not see that very often in ladies your age. usually they nevertheless do not know what they want to do with their life however i like how you’ve got a assignment in lifestyles.” Say this to her destiny plans; however glaringly simplest if they’re excellent.

ultimate – “You appear like a fab buddy, positioned you wide variety down here earlier than your boss tells you off.” you’re saying that all you’re interested in is friendship. Your non verbal vibes ought to be pronouncing ‘I want you in my bed’. we will construct on that outdoor the club.

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