Straight guys hitting up gay bars and nightclubs

Straight guys hitting up gay bars and nightclubs…What is going on? is that this the following stage of evolution for the new breed of metrosexual? Have the partitions of discrimination among the directly and homosexual network formally been torn down (subsequently) or is some thing extra sinister inside the bar and nightclub community happening?

consider it or now not, an increasing number of homosexual bars are reporting an inflow of heterosexual consumers choosing to spend the nighttime partying amongst the gay community. This has been met with mixed reactions with many bar and nightclub owners and bosses happy with the paradigm shift in clubbing, opposite to the view of many gay customers irritated on the truth that that the “is he or isn’t he query” is now arising inside the one place it used to be taken with no consideration.

The maximum apparent argument to letting this keep is “properly if homosexual gay people can go to directly bars, why can’t immediately human beings go to homosexual bars and nightclubs.” This argument may additionally ring proper for plenty human beings, however given the amount of discrimination centred at the homosexual network, it might seem truthful that their is at least one place they can visit get away the “outdoor [straight] international.”

regardless of the case may be, it nevertheless would not explain why this unexpected influx of heterosexual men deciding on to spend their evenings at homosexual bars and nightclubs. with the intention to find out whats occurring, we determined to head undercover to a few gay bars and nightclubs and talk to the consumers to find out what’s occurring. After a prolonged investigation, the motive behind this invasion have become apparent… “they are THEY”RE TO choose UP” (but it is not what you watched.)

gay bars are a haven for girls seeking to have a exquisite night without being approached each five mins by way of a sleazy under the influence of alcohol wannabe suitor with the identical pickup line they’ve been the usage of since the age of 15. as a result, these ladies are a prime target for the properly dressed, sophisticated instantly guy looking to impress with his flashy clothes and overwhelming liberal attitude towards existence (Which it would appear might be shared by using any female spending her evening at a gay bar.)

whereas formerly a straight guy at a homosexual bar or nightclub could had been taboo, times are converting and due to human beings’s view closer to the homosexual network largely becoming more accepting, so too is it turning into extra accepting for immediately men to wait these venues.

This trend is also being facilitated with the aid of the truth that as society becomes extra accepting, the requirement for homosexual humans to cover their sexual orientation now not exists, hence it’s far turning into a ways extra commonplace for businesses of gay men to go out clubbing with their instantly friends.

The end result maybe negative to the homosexual bar and nightclub network but it might look like a bi-made of society turning into greater accepting of the homosexual network.

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